MY TOP 10 RECORDS (so far)

Here’s a journey through my top ten records (in my collection so far).

It’s been a joy to rediscover my love of records. When I grew up in the 80’s, we had a HiFi and records, though I don’t really remember what kind we had. But then time moved on and it was all about cassettes and CD’s and now digital music. But when I started volunteering for my local hospital radio show, seeing their records collection, gave me a glee I hadn’t felt in years. I bought a record player and began collecting. Personally, I shop at charity shops only so my collection is slow to build but all the more fun when you find an amazing record tucked away. So here are my top 10 records in my collection so far, in no particular order.

1/ The Ink Spots – Best of the Ink Spots – MCFM 2573

If you’ve played Fallout by Bethesda, then you know the Ink Spots. It’s a great record with 20 of their songs and a favourite for both my boyfriend and I to listen to.


2/ The Police – Ghost In The Machine – AMLK 63730

(This is Hugo, my best friends dog who decided he wanted in on the picture)

This record has a story behind it. My Boyfriend loves The Police so for Valentines I went away from my usual actions of buying records from charity shops and bought it from ebay. But when it arrived it was in terrible condition as if someone had spilled a drink all over it. I got my money and got to keep the record but needless to say it put me off buying from ebay. I managed to clean the record up and we often listen to it but it skips and jumps. Now we are hunting for a replacement for it. Over six months later and the search continues.

3/ Eartha Kitt – St. Louis Blues with Shorty Rogers and his Giants – RD 27076

I have always loved Eartha Kitt. When I was a kid I would watch Batman reruns and she was the best catwoman ever. When my parents explained she was also a singer then played me her songs, I fell in love with her. ‘I want to be evil’ is one of my favourite songs, not on this album unfortunately but one day I will find it and add it to my collection.

4/ James Galway – Song Of The Seashore and other japanese melodies – RL 25253

This was a random purchase, my boyfriend thought it looked good and for a pound we gave it a try. Often this can go awry for us but we both loved this one. The moral is to try new things, take a chance, you never know.

5/ Frank Sinatra – Come Fly With Me – LCT 6154

(Hugo approves)

My dad loved Sinatra and his love seeped into me. For me Frank Sinatra is the ultimate. I love him and if I see a record of his I usually snap it up. Unfortunately, so does everyone else so I don’t see them often.

5/ Tchaikovsky – Nutcracker Ballet (2 records in set)  – SXLP 20059/SXLP 20060

(Hugo taking up all the room and needing to be center of attention)

Inherited from a friend’s grandparents who had passed. The Nutcracker not only gives me christmas feels but also reminds me of my dad who loved the cartoon Fantasia where lots of the nutcracker is played. For me this is a comfort record.

6/ Various artists – The Glenn Miller Years – Readers Digest Record Library

(I give up, this post should have been about Hugo)

This was another pound bargain. Six records of amazing tunes performed by the greats like Duke Ellington, Artie Shaw, Tommy Dorsey, Guy Lombardo, Benny Goodman and of course Glenn Miller himself. I love big band music so this was a great find for me.

7/ Doris Day – A Portrait of Doris Day – SMR 984

(Hugo makes a good prop)

Growing up, my dad loved musicals so they were my main fodder as a child. Needless to say I was weird among my peers but I didn’t care. Watching all these musicals I think gave me my optimism. I wanted to live their magical, colourful lives and I thought Doris Day was the most beautiful woman ever. She was fun, funny and her voice was amazing. She was a great idol and I still love her now.

8/ Bing Crosby – A Musical Biography – CDMSP 801

(Hugo decided to give me more room, just a little)

This is a unique five record set of Bing not only singing some classics but also just talking about his musical life story. It’s a great listen on a rainy day.

9/ Various artists – Soft Metal – SMC 862

I have eclectic tastes in music and I’m proud of it. I love metal and rock music, so I couldn’t resist picking up this collection of anthems from the likes of Whitesnake, Stranglers, Faith No More and Ozzy to name a few. \m/

10/ Nat King Cole – Forever Yours

(Hugo wins)

Not only do I like quantity but I also demand quality and I get it with this box set of six records filled with the silky voiced Nat King Cole. This is date night music. What a man.

I hope this has inspired you to start your own collection. If you already are a vinyl head then why don’t you send me your top ten or some pics via twitter @ChronicallyLea

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