Millions missing shoes

VIDEO STORY: My Millions Missing London speech

Watch my Millions Missing London video speech to help raise ME Awareness. Yes, it references zombies. Yes, I aim to keep it real.

I had the honour of being a speaker at the Millions Missing London rally on May 2018. You can watch my speech in full here, where I tell it like it is about Chronic fatigue syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and how it affects my life and how we are completely mistreated by the current medical system (with mention of zombies, obviously).

#millionsmissing is the tag to rally behind for all those people with CFS/ME who are currently ignored or called lazy or who are given treatments that actually harm them because most of the medical body dismiss this illness.

At the time I made this speech, I hadn’t even been diagnosed with EDS yet but now I understand a lot more about why I personally suffer from CFS/ME. With more awareness and open-mindedness I hope others with this debilitating condition will also learn why and how they got it too.

Watch my speech for Millions Missing London

You can also read the speech below. Thank you to everyone who shared this speech and connected with it – we are not alone. Thank you to Mookychick Magazine and to everyone else who resonated with my speech and helped to spread the word about ME Awareness.

Thank to Mookychick founder Magda Knight for capturing my ME awareness speech in all its glory at Millions Missing London.

My ME awareness speech… and my beloved Millions Missing shoes

Along with my #MillionsMissing speech, you can see my treasured shoes. These are the ones I wore to be a Roller Derby jeerleader (if you don’t know, jeerleaders are like cheerleaders except they’re unique to the down’n’dirty sport of Roller Derby). Unfortunately, a cocktail of ME, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and EDS meant I had to give up jeerleading.

I presented my jeerleading shoes to join the millions of other shoes at #MillionsMissing events all around the world, representing the people who couldn’t be there or who had died because of this illness.

On this occasion, I was able to turn up and give my speech – and give it my best, like everything I do! I hope I spoke well for those who couldn’t make it that day. Please join the fight for awareness by spreading the #millionsmissing hashtag. If you want to read more about this subject please go to:

See more Chronically Lea videos on YouTube and tweet me @ChronicallyLea with your stories about CFS/ME.

I am passionate about increasing ME, chronic pain and disability awareness so if you want to collaborate or you’re looking for an interviewee or guest speaker, get in touch.

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