Top Ten YouTubers for Minecraft Fans

Are you a Minecraft fan? Then read this top ten list of Minecraft YouTubers who will entertain and inspire you.

Minecraft is having a spike of popularity again. As a hardcore fan this makes me happy. I love Minecraft so much that not only do I play it whenever I can but I also buy the merchandise, pin designs on my special Pinterest board, link here, but I also watch YouTubers do ‘Let’s plays’, tutorials and design things of wonder. So today I’m sharing with you which YouTubers I think you should be watching.

1/ GoodTimesWithScar

Big hype for Scar because not only is he one of the best builders around in Minecraft but he is also disabled and is a great representative for disability in gaming. Plus he has a cat called Jellie that is so awesome that Mojang included her into the actual game! So now you can actually have an in-game Jellie yourself. #NeverForgetTheBigDig

2/ Cubfan135

Cuban is an all-round genius in redstone and building, the work he puts in is majestic. But the thing that makes Cub super special is his witty intelligence. His development of ConCorp (with help of Scar) in Hermitcraft season 6 has been a beautiful example of economics that should be taught in schools. Who won the Hermitcraft civil war? Cubfan.


If you want to make an automated farm, then look to Ilmango. Most of the best YouTubers will use Ilmango farm designs. His zero tick farms are revolutionary. I just love how his brain works.

4/ Rogue Fox

I play on console due to my disability. I really struggle with keyboards so I started Minecraft on Xbox and there I have remained. So I need to give shout outs to YouTubers who make content for us. Rouge Fox is my go-to for making farms. I recommend his wool farm especially.

5/ VintageBeef

The great VintageBeef. Great personality, great humour, great content and beautiful builds. Beef isn’t afraid to try different styles of Minecraft, from vanilla, to UHC and my personal favourite, when he joins up with Ethoslab and PauseUnpause to form team Canada and do series like Diversity 1-3 and RAD.

6/ Sl1pg8r

Originally I found slip through his love of the game Ark but because I’m a bit obsessive, I went back and watched his older videos and was delighted to watch him play Minecraft. Alas for so long he played everything else but Minecraft but now he is back and better then ever. Slip is a must watch and will often get great big belly laughs from me.

7/ The Bow Tie Man

He won me over with a rising redstone portcullis for the console. It wasn’t just that however, I liked his design style and witty rapport. After that I subscribed and avidly watch all his redstone tricks.

8/ FalseSymmetry

To all the female Minecrafters out there who are funny and have great skills, I salute you. There are some great ones out there but for me False rocks it. She is just doing her thing, it’s beautiful, she riffs well with her fellow Hermitcrafters and always has a wry slant on things. Currently as I write this she has created a tourist trap for Area 77 that mimics Roswell. Bravo False.

9/ BdoubleO100

I have great nostalgia for Bdubs. He was the first Minecraft YouTuber I ever watched. Not only was it him that made me love YouTube itself but he made me realise you can create a long running world that’s allows you to express you artisticness with Minecraft. Through much personally trauma he is back doing Minecraft and I am very grateful for that. Much love Bdubs.

10/ ZedaphPlays

Ahhh Zedaph. Irrelevant humour. Amazing editing. Genius mini game creator with the likes of ‘Duck’ and ‘Is that sheep looking at me?’ Zed can take a normal mundane thing and see it in the weirdest most delightful way and present it to you with some fancy editing. Watching a villager water-ski across the lake he built was pure joy. You do you Zed, you do you.

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