Good Morning And Thank You

Thank you for watching over me as I wake up and try to blink sight back into my eyes. For helping me pop my joints back into sockets, for rubbing the cramps and pins and needles out of my legs and hands. You are always so gentle while stretching out my stiffened limbs, helping me up and guiding me to the toilet. You automatically head off to start making the coffee, grinding the beans, filtering it, adding cream to my cup. Then you settle me on the sofa to drink my coffee with my adapted mug, wrap me in electric blankets and leave me so you can boil us eggs. 

Thank you for patiently stroking my tummy as spasms hit me. You expertly get me to the loo and hold me upright as I moan in pain, my heart racing. Telling me to breath but ultimately having to hold me up when I lose consciousness and keeping me there as my body finishes my bowel movement without me.

Thank you for comforting me when I come back to myself. For joking and cheering me up, for making sure I drink my fluids and take my pills.

Thank you for helping me get dressed in a loving way. For asking my plans for the day as if I was a normal person. Thank you for being encouraging with whatever those plans are but always warning me to be careful and not to over do it.

Thank you for popping me back into my nest on the sofa and making sure I have everything I need for the day and forever. 

Thank you and good morning.

I love you.

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