Curious Murmurs

Do you like listening to spooky tales? Are short stories your go-to when the evenings draw in? Do you love the gothic romance of old?

Don’t think, just come with me. Together we shall journey into the darkness.

Click the link to find my podcast on Anchor or simply search for ‘Curious Murmurs’ on your favoured podcast platform to listen in suspense as the horrors unfold!

Every Sunday prepare to feel your skin prickle and your heart race.

And don’t forget to follow and support your storyteller.

The Hammer Of God By G. K. Chesterton Curious Murmurs

This is a Father Brown mystery. One of many short stories featuring the crime solving priest that Chesterton wrote. Can you guess who the murderer is? — Support this podcast:
  1. The Hammer Of God By G. K. Chesterton
  2. Dearth's Farm by Gerald Bullett
  3. Keeping His Promise By Algernon Blackwood
  4. The Murder Of The Mandarin by Arnold Bennett
  5. The Ghoul Of Golders Green – Part 4

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